Body Image and Self Esteem After Baby

But what remained weren’t just stretchmarks and a C-section scar but deep seated wounds that disfigured my self-image. When I looked in the mirror my eyes instantly swelled with tears and I felt nauseous. I had no idea who that girl was staring back at me.

Enough Already

I don’t have a daughter; so instead, I will teach my son what real beauty looks like. But I won’t stop
there. And I hope you won’t either. So pleas hear me out.

The Village

When you become a new mother you need a village to keep you grounded; to keep you tethered to who you are. You need all hands on deck to ensure that you don’t lose yourself in the process of giving every ounce of yourself back to this tiny human.

Three Months

What I couldn’t see at the time was just how strong I really was. And what I needed to learn was just how far I could bend without breaking